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Quarter Pay Notices
If you have an over 65 or DP exemption you may qualify for a Quarter Pay. The payment is divided into four equal payments. The First payment MUST be made by Jan. 31. The 2nd payment is due in March, the 3rd payment is due in May and the last payment is due in July. Penalties do apply if payments are made after the due dates. Mark your calendar!

Just a note….we send second notices in March and May and people in a Quarter Pay will receive one, but just let it be a reminder that your next payment is due.

Make your tax payment with your credit card!
You can now pay your taxes on-line through our website. Simply click the link on the property screen that says "Search & Pay Taxes" and follow the instructions to make your payment. Once your payment is completed, please print your confirmation receipt for proof of payment.

Past Due Taxes? Contact us
Do you currently have past due taxes on your property? Have you received a letter from a company offering you a property tax loan? What should you do? The answer is simple. Contact the Wood County Tax office and speak to us about a payment plan for your taxes. This will (in most cases) stop any pending seizure of your property or suit filed against you. Property Tax Loans are also not a good thing. Often times having higher interest rates, and taking priority over your current mortgage. Failue to repay your property tax loan can often times result in the loss of your property. If you have questions about how to resolve your past due property tax, please call us at (903) 763-2261 and let us explain the options that you have under law.